Sniff Away Sniffles Solution

What’s more annoying than a case of constant sniffles brought on by ragweed allergies? Not a whole lot that I can think of!

So when allergy season hands you a runny nose that has you climbing the walls, try this ultra-simple herbal elixir. It’ll have you breathing easier in no time.

1 cup of boiling water

Put 1 tablespoon each of fresh herbs into the water, place a towel over your head to make a tent, and breathe in the fumes for five minutes. (Be careful not to scald your face — lower it slowly over the steam.)

Not into sniffing herbs? Try Grandma Putt’s favorite allergy treatment instead. Soak a washcloth in the hottest water you can stand, wring it out, and lay it  across your nose and sinuses. If you keep the cloth as hot as you can, it seems to work on the same principle as hot soup or spicy food: It loosens and liquefies mucus.