Plastic Bags Are Perfect For…

Do you have a drawer or closet stuffed full of plastic grocery bags? I have my share, and since I hate to throw away anything that can be useful, I try to put ‘em to use a second time around. Before you discard (or even recycle) another plastic bag, consider trying some of these super ideas:

  • Save money by using plastic bags as trash can liners.
  • Don’t buy expensive mailing fillers—tuck plastic bags around your items to keep them from moving around.
  • For wet-weather gardening work, slip a plastic bag over each sock before you put on your boots. The bags’ll keep your feet dry no matter how many puddles you step in!
  • When the forecast calls for freezing rain or snow, cover your windshield wipers and mirrors with plastic bags to save yourself the trouble of scraping in the morning.
  • Before you head out on a road trip, hang a bag over the back of your car’s seat. It makes a quick trash holder that’ll keep your vehicle looking a whole lot neater.
  • Time to paint? When you take a break, wrap your brush and roller up in a plastic grocery bag. It’ll keep ‘em from drying out.
  • When peeling carrots or potatoes, do it over a plastic bag. The peelings will drop right into the bag and you can just toss the whole shebang in the trash—with no muss, and no fuss!

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