My Grandma Putt used to say that except for the fact that it’s round, a store-bought tomato bears about as much resemblance to the genuine article as a goldfish does to an elephant. Homegrown tomatoes are loaded with flavor, so if you haven’t already planted some, what are you waitin’ for? The best way to get your tomato crop off and running is to buy started plants—if you walk into any garden center today, you’ll see acres of them. Make sure your tomatoes stay fat, happy, and hydrated all summer long by keeping the roots moist. Tuck some wadded-up newspaper in the bottom of each planting hole. As water leaches through the soil, the paper will absorb and hold it—right where the roots can tap into the supply through the long, hot days ahead.


  1. Great tip on tomato planting!!! Will pass that along to my neighbor who always plants but seems to struggle for a decent crop and since he always shares with us this is a must do tip! Your the best!!!

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