Think coffee filters are only good for brewing up your morning java? Well, think again! Here’s a handful of extraordinary ways to use ordinary coffee filters to help you sail through this year’s spring cleaning:

· After dusting the inside of your china cabinet, protect your fragile dishes by separating stacked plates with coffee filters.
· Need to blot up a spill? Use super-absorbent coffee filters.
· Before putting your pots and pans away after cleaning out the cupboard, place a coffee filter in each cast-iron skillet to absorb moisture and prevent rust.
· Clean your mirrors using coffee filters—they won’t leave behind a messy paper trail like paper towels do.
· Get crafty. Use watercolor paint and pipe cleaners to turn coffee filters into a bouquet of early spring blossoms that’ll brighten up your freshly cleaned home.

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  1. Put a filter in the bottom of a pot with a drain hole when planting a new pot to keep the potting mix inside the pot but letting the water drain through.

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