Let the Gardening…Begin!

January may kick off the new year for most folks, but March is really where it’s at if you’re a die-hard gardener. From under your feet to high above your head, blooms are gonna start bursting out all over! One of my favorite spring activities is visiting my local garden center to pick up some new plants. In fact, this is a great time to buy early-flowering shrubs because you can see exactly what color their flowers are. Plus, if you get ‘em in the ground now, they’ll settle in without missing a beat. Here are some other points to ponder as you shop:

  • Look for leaves that are healthy and free of dark spots or yellow patches.
  • Check that the potting soil is firm and free of weeds.
  • Avoid plants with visible pests, like aphids or scale.
  • Make sure the pot has a readable plant tag, so you know exactly what you’re buying!

Once you have your flowering shrub selections settled into their new homes, give ‘em a dose of this elixir. It’ll give them the energy they need to produce a fantastic floral extravaganza. Here’s how:

Mix 1 tablespoon of baby shampoo, 1 teaspoon of hydrated lime, and 1 teaspoon of iron sulfate in a bucket with 1 gallon of water. Then spray the elixir on all of your flowering shrubs to the point of run-off.

For more tips on getting your spring garden off to a great start, check out our Year-Round Bloomers book. You can even try it FREE for 21 days with our Free Preview!