Clean Away Turkey Day

We hope you had a terrific Thanksgiving, filled with family, friends, and laughter—not to mention roasted turkey, pumpkin pie, and all the good ole fixins’! But now that your company is gone, it’s time to tackle the messes that are typically leftovers from any holiday get-together, like these:

  • Bust through baked-on crust. Fill a gunked-up pie pan with hot water and add a few teaspoons of baking soda to it. Let it soak for a few hours, and the crust marks will lift right off.
  • Banish cranberry sauce stains. Blot the spot with a wet sponge, then sprinkle the stain with salt and pour on a splash of club soda for good measure. Wipe it clean and launder the item as usual.
  • Iron away candle drips on carpet. Lay a ripped-open paper grocery bag over the stain and set an iron (set to the lowest setting) on top of it. After a few seconds, move the bag to another spot, and repeat the treatment until all of the wax is gone.
  • Sparkle up your glassware. Add a capful of white vinegar to a sink full of clean water if you’re washing by hand; for dishwashers, pour ¼ cup into the rinse cycle. Your glassware will be squeaky clean with no streaks or spots.

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