Send Pests Packin’

With warmer spring weather come all the things I look forward to — flourishing flowers, beautiful birds, lush lawns, green trees, and a vibrant veggie patch.

But don’t forget about those pesky, not-so-welcome, yard-destroying thugs! Stay one step ahead of the local varmints with my All-Purpose Pest Prevention Potion. Gophers, moles, skunks, possums, and just about any other critter I can think of will tuck tail and run right away when they get a whiff of this potent potion:

1 cup of ammonia
½ cup of urine
½ cup of dishwashing liquid
¼ cup of castor oil

Mix all of these ingredients in your 20 gallon hose-end sprayer, and thoroughly saturate all of the animal runs and burrows you can find.