Don’t Buy the Guy Another Tie!

Father’s Day is Sunday, and take it from me — it’s one of the best days of the year. But if you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, and don’t want to give your pop the same old tie…or t-shirt…or book this year, why not treat Dear Old Dad to something he really wants? Of course, every father is different, but here’s a rundown of perfect gifts for the perfect guy:

For the dad who lives close by. Time with his family is the most treasured gift. So gather his children and grandchildren (and great-grandchildren!), and spend the day together. Sure, you can still give him a store-bought gift, but a group photo of the whole clan in the same place at the same time would make a meaningful present.

For the dad who lives far away. Surprise your distant dad with dinner. Call a delivery service in his hometown and arrange for his favorite meal to be delivered to his doorstep.

For the adventurous dad. If your father is the type of guy who runs or bikes long distances on his own, or spends solo time fishing, surfing, or hiking in the woods, then give yourself some peace of mind. Present Dad with a snazzy, sporty wristband that’s engraved with emergency contact information, and encircled with a reflective strip. They cost about $20 and you can find them on the internet.

For the book-loving dad. Liven up his collection with a “from the Library of…” embossing stamp. You can find these on the internet too, at a variety of prices.

For the gardening dad.  You’ve come to the right place. Pick the combination of Jerry Baker gardening books you think Dad will like most — and buy 2, get 1 FREE!

Happy Father’s Day!