Spring Cleaning? Why Not Start in the Shed!

It’s almost official—spring has sprung! That means it’s time for the annual rite of spring-cleaning. So make a plan to get organized this weekend. And since gardening season is upon us, why not start your clutter-busting in the shed?

Begin by emptying the shed and sorting through all of the stuff you’ve accumulated. Then decide what items should stay, keeping in mind that a shed should be home to tools and equipment you use for the lawn and garden. Don’t clutter it up with any stuff that doesn’t fit in.

The last step in your de-cluttering mission is to store everything so it’s easy to find and protected from dirt, dampness, and pests. But before you rush out to buy fancy storage containers for your supplies, check out your home. There’s a good chance that things that are cluttering up your kitchen, attic, or home office can help you stay organized and clutter-free in the shed. Consider these possibilities:

  • Plastic sweater and shoe boxes—keep seed packets and gardening gloves clean and dry.
  • Standing file holders—great for storing seed catalogs and garden magazines close at hand.
  • Magnetic knife rack—perfect for holding trowels, hand rakes, dibbles, and other small metallic tools on a shed wall.
  • Hanging shoe bag—fill the pouches with twist ties, balls of twine, spray bottles, and other small stuff that can quickly turn into a cluttered mess.
  • Ziplock plastic bags—stash seed packets, plant labels, and planting instructions in ‘em, then hang them with a binder clip on nails.

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