4 Steps for a Bounty of Spring Bloomin’ Bulbs

It’s time to plant your bulbs for beautiful blooms next spring! This year, try my secret layering trick for getting twice—or even three times—the number of blooms in the same amount of space. Dig one hole about 8 inches deep, then plant several layers of bulbs in the same spot. Here’s how:

Step 1: Set the bulbs of the latest-blooming bulbs you’ve chosen (usually late tulips or lilies) in the bottom of the hole.

Step 2: Replace enough soil to barely cover the bulb tips, then set in the next layer (try early and midseason tulips, or daffodils).

Step 3: Add more soil, then set in the top layer of smaller bulbs (like snow crocuses).

Step 4: Finish by covering with a mulch of leaves, shredded bark, or wood chips, plus a scattering of moth crystals over the top to keep critters away.

It’s that easy!

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