Happy Valentine’s Day!

So, are you ready for a smooch from your sweetie? Or are you thinking, “Why, oh why does Valentine’s Day fall right smack in the middle of winter, when my lips are chapped, dry, and just plain unkissable?”

The problem is that lips don’t produce any oils on their own, so once they’re chapped, it’s up to you to heal them by bringing them much-needed moisture. Here’s how to treat them right and prevent them from chapping again:

1.   Slough off flaky, rough skin with a clean, damp washcloth.

2.   Rub in a coating of .5% hydrocortisone cream twice a day.

3.   Seal in the moisture with a lip balm that contains a protective wax (like beeswax) and sunscreen.
And by the way, you may not see the connection, but eating green vegetables is a great way to keep your lips in the pink. That’s because greens are rich in zinc, essential fatty acids, and riboflavin—everything your lips need to retain moisture and stay healthy. So like Grandma Putt always said, “Eat plenty of greens every day!”
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