There’s gold in them thar grass clippings—and food, too! So here’s the deal: If you simply leave grass clippings in place when you mow your lawn, you’ll be supplying up to half the nitrogen your grass needs—and it’s absolutely free. But this only works if you don’t use chemical fertilizers, which stall the decomposition of the clippings, rob the grass plants of free food, and contribute to thatch buildup.

So what should you feed your lawn? There are some excellent commercial natural fertilizers available, but it’s easy to make your own healthy chow. This is the recipe Grandma Putt came up with to keep her lawn in tip-top shape—and it still works wonders today!

Thoroughly mix 5 parts seaweed meal, 3 parts granite dust, 1 part dehydrated manure, and 1 part bonemeal in a large wheelbarrow. Apply the mixture evenly over your turf with a broadcast spreader, then stand back and watch that grass go to town!

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