Every year, you haul the same treasured decorations down from the attic to deck your halls and trim your tree. But do you ever take the time to clean your ornaments? Here’s a few timely tips that’ll have your knick-knacks, garlands, greens, and baubles shining like new:

  • Before setting up your artificial tree, give it a winter windstorm to get rid of dirt, dust, and fuzz balls. Lay the branches on the floor, cover your vacuum’s brush attachment with cheesecloth, set the vacuum on “low,” and run the brush over the branches.
  • A light swipe with a dry microfiber cloth will restore the glory to Christmas tree ornaments, ceramic snowmen, and other hard-surfaced décor.
  • When your glittery ornaments have lost their luster, bring back the shine by dusting them off with a soft artist’s brush.
  • Hang dusty cloth covered ornaments and knit stockings on a drying rack in your garage, and give ‘em the once over with your blow dryer set on cool. They’ll be ready to dazzle in no time at all.

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