Are you hanging on to a pile of sewing scraps just because the fabric is too pretty to throw away? If so, don’t toss ‘em in the trash—‘tis the season to think about creative ways to reinvent those scraps. Here’s a trio of festive possibilities:

1. Trim the Christmas tree. Cut out two identical pieces in the shape of trees, snowmen, or other seasonal shapes, and sew them together front to front, leaving one end open. Flip the little pouch right side out, stuff it with cotton batting or panty hose, and stitch it shut. Attach color-coordinated ribbons and hang the decorations on the tree.
2. Wrap presents. Use larger scraps in place of wrapping paper and tie them with braid, rickrack, or high-quality ribbon—thereby delivering a bonus to the lucky gift recipient: the makings of a decorative pillow!
3. Tag it. Cut shapes out of smaller remnants, and glue them onto sturdy, solid-colored paper. Write messages on the tags with permanent marker, punch a hole in one end, and secure them to gifts with colorful ribbons.

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