Happy Easter! Here’s hoping you have a wonderful, sun-filled day, and that the Easter Bunny leaves lots of treats for you and yours. If you’ve got leftover hard-boiled eggs, lucky you—gobble ‘em up, then save the shells to use in your garden. Here’s how:

  • Eggshells are rich in nitrogen, which makes them a top-notch “green” ingredient for making compost. So rinse off the shells and toss ‘em onto the pile.
  • Set dishes of crushed eggshells around any area that’s off-limits to ants. I don’t know why, but the little buggers will steer clear.
  • Add ground eggshells to your soil to make it more alkaline.
  • When you’re ready to plant squash or cucumbers, mound up your soil into hills, according to the directions on your seed packets, and bury a hard-boiled egg 6 to 8 inches deep in the center of each hill (gently crack the shell first). Then plant three pairs of seeds in a circle around it. As the egg decomposes, it’ll provide time-released nutrients for your growing plants.

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  1. And a very happy Easter to you, too! I enjoy reading your blog – thank you for the hints and suggestions!
    – Daisy in Arizona

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