Winter Lawn Prep

We know what you’re thinking…there’s still snow on the ground for many of you…the weather is cold and cloudy…and it’s way too early to think about lawn care, right? Wrong!

Even though it’s only February, it’s the perfect time to seed your lawn. That way, when the midwinter thaw comes, the soil softens enough to swallow the seed, and then freezes over once again—holding the seed in place until it’s ready to grow come spring.

First, fill a hand-held spreader with grass seed, and walk across your lawn, spreading the seed in front of you so that you are stepping on it as you go. As you force the seed down into the snow, it will pick up moisture and will swell. Anytime during the rest of the winter that the snow melts and your grass is visible, use that opportunity to tend to the grass along your walks and driveways. Remove any piles of soil and scraped up grass, then rake the areas clean, and rinse any salt away with your hose. Apply gypsum to salt-damaged patches of grass, and water it in well.

And voila—your lawn is ready for spring! For more all-year-round lawncare tips and tricks, check out our bestselling book, Green Grass Magic! You can even try it FREE for 21 days with our Free Preview. Thanks
for reading!