That’s a Wrap!

It’s time to take care of any last-minute gift-wrapping! But if your scissors are dull, worn out, and making it impossible to cut through your wrapping paper, you’re ready for an upgrade—and here’s one that won’t even cost you a dime!
Sharpen your scissors in a hurry with this simple trick: Just fold a piece of aluminum foil into three or four layers, and cut it into strips with your dull scissors. Eight or ten slices should put those clippers back on the cutting edge. Now, get wrappin’!
And when you’re done with your foil pieces, don’t throw them out! Instead, cut holiday shapes out of cardboard by tracing cookie cutters, and wrap the shapes with your leftover foil pieces (shiny side out). Add stripes by gluing on a few scraps of festive wrap. Punch a hole in each one, and attach string.Then hang them inside—or even outside! They are great for decorating your yard, and that flashy foil will even keep pesky birds away
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