Festive Fabric Fiesta

If you have a basket full of sewing scraps just waiting to be used, then this is for you! There are all kinds of creative ways to recycle those bits and pieces. Here are some of our favorite ways to give ’em new life for the holidays:

Trim the tree. Grab a couple bits of fabric and cut out two identical shapes (trees, snowmen, or star shapes all work well). Sew them together inside out, leaving one end open. Flip the little pouch right side out, and stuff it with cotton or bits of old pantyhose. Stitch it shut, attach a ribbon, and hang your homemade ornament on the tree!
Wrap presents. Use larger scraps in place of wrapping paper and tie them with braided bits of fabric or high-quality ribbon—the lucky gift recipient can even save the scraps to reuse themselves!
Tag it. Glue bits of fabric onto sturdy, solid-colored paper. Then, cut out fun shapes to make gift tags. Punch a hole in each tag, and secure them to your holiday gifts with colorful ribbons. Don’t forget to fill out the tags with a permanent marker!

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