Turkey Day Leftovers With a Twist!

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday filled with lots of fabulous food! And if you’re like us, you’re now left with TONS of leftovers you’ve gotta eat up! But don’t worry. We’ve got some easy, fast, and delicious ways to make your second-, third-, and even your fourth-day feast fun and oh-so tasty! Here are four of our favorite ways to enjoy Turkey Day leftovers:

Quick Quesadillas. Simply tuck turkey pieces, veggies, and cranberry sauce (or a drizzle of gravy if you’d prefer) between two tortillas, and heat the whole thing up in the oven.
Turkey Noodle Soup. Skinless turkey meat and leftover veggies are perfect additions to a hearty Fall soup. Boil any noodles you’d like, then add turkey broth and as much meat and veggies and you’d like!
Super Sandwich. Spread pureed squash or yams on slices of rye bread, then pile on a few cold turkey slices and some lettuce, tomato, and onion. Top with another slice of rye bread, and enjoy.

Thanksgiving Sliders. Grab a couple of leftover rolls, and slice them in half to make four buns. Add warmed up turkey and stuffing to each bottom bun, replace the top buns, then dollop with leftover cranberry sauce and a drizzle of hot gravy.

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