Get the Most Brew for your Buck

Everyone loves a good homemade cuppa joe! But did you know that used coffee grounds can come in handy even AFTER the pot’s empty? That’s right! Here are five fresh-brewed ways to reuse those old grounds (and get double the bang for your buck!) all around your home and garden:

Freshen up a musty car overnight. Here’s a quick fix for clearing the air in a car that got damp: Cut the foot off an old pair of panty hose and fill it with used dry coffee grounds. Then tie a knot above the coffee and set the sack on the car’s dash or in the cup holder overnight. This trick will work like magic—in the morning the car will be fresh as a daisy.
Say “adios” to ants. Let your used grounds dry out, then divide them up between a few paper lunch bags and set the sacks wherever you’ve spotted ants inside your house. You can sprinkle loose grounds outside where you suspect they’re getting in. The coffee aroma will repel the ants, and if they happen to ingest the grounds, the caffeine will knock ‘em dead.
Fill in scuffs and scratches on wood furniture. Disguise nicks and dings by dipping a cotton swab in damp used coffee grounds and dabbing away at the scuffs. The tannins in the coffee will do a quick dye job, and no one will be the wiser.
Sweep out a garage without stirring up dust. Sprinkle damp coffee grounds across the garage floor before grabbing a broom. The weight of the grounds will keep the dirt and dust in check so cleanup will be a breeze.
Grow showier shrubs. Work a layer of your used coffee grounds into the dirt around your flowering bushes for the healthiest, most vigorous shrubs in the neighborhood. When they bloom, they’ll bloom big time!

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