Peel Off the Pounds with 4 Fat-Fighting Fruits!

At one time or another, just about every American adult has been on a diet to lose weight. And many of us may succeed in dropping some pounds, only to find them creeping back up a few months (or years) later. In this never-ending battle of the bulge, it’s time to enlist these fridge-friendly fruits:

APPLES. Believe it or not, eating apples actually subtracts calories from your diet. That’s because the calories your body uses to break down the fiber in the apple exceed those contained in the fruit. Bottom line: The more apples you eat, the more weight you lose. Just don’t get carried away—after all, man (or woman!) cannot live by apples alone.

AVOCADOS. Mash an avocado and mix it with lemon or lime juice and your choice of herbs. Then use it to replace higher-calorie spreads and toppings like mayo and cream cheese.

LEMONS. Drinking a glass of lemonade (homemade from fresh-squeezed lemons and sugar is best) between meals can cleanse your system of toxins and impurities, conquer cravings for junk food, and speed weight loss.

STRAWBERRIES. Studies show that smelling strawberries before you exercise causes you to burn more calories. So before you head off on your next power walk, or hit the treadmill at the gym, pull some berries out of the fridge, and take a good long whiff!