Give Migrating Birds a “Cheep” Spring Fling!

Spring migration is a tough time for birds. Their wings beat along a route that covers thousands of miles in just a few short weeks, so finding high-energy food is even more important than usual. And since wild foods have been pretty much picked clean, your feeders need to take center stage and attract even birds that usually fend for themselves.

So welcome back your favorite frequent fliers with a hearty hello! Fill your feeders with big, meaty, high-calorie, black oil sunflower seeds from now through April. You may just be rewarded when a hungry scarlet tanager, rufous-sided towhee, or rose-breasted grosbeak stops by for a snack.
This Pumped-Up All-Purpose Mix fills the bill and will satisfy every bird that arrives at your feeder:
Measure 5 cups of black oil sunflower seeds, 4 cups of millet, and 2 cups of cracked corn into a dry, clean bucket or large bowl. Mix well using your hands, then stir in 1 cup of niger seeds. Store the mix in a plastic gallon milk jug, tightly capped.
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