Being cooped up inside all winter long will get anyone down, including your houseplants. So give all of your winter-weary friends a good misting with this formula to keep them looking moist and refreshed:

Mix 3 teaspoons of baby shampoo, 3 teaspoons of ammonia, 1 teaspoon of antiseptic mouthwash, and 1 quart of room-temperature water in hand-held sprayer bottle. Mist-spray your plants twice a week to keep the leaves clean and provide a little nutrient boost, too!

And if your poinsettia looked lush and lovely through the holidays—and is still going strong—consider keeping it around so you can enjoy it for another holiday season. Here’s how: Stop watering it and store it in a cool, dry place as soon as the leaves fall off. In spring, water it and cut the stems back to 6 inches tall. From early October until blooming starts, place the plant in a dark closet for 12 hours each night. Keep the plant in a sunny window for the rest of the day, and it should be in full color again in time for the holidays!

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