When it comes time to start packin’ your ornaments away, don’t just dump your Christmas tree at the curb. Ol’ Tanenbaum can be recycled in so many ways, it’d be a shame to have the garbage men haul it away. Here’s how to reuse it:

  • Set the tree up in your yard, stand and all, and redecorate it with strings of popcorn, peanuts, apple chunks, grapes, dried cherries, and cranberries. Hungry birds will gobble up the treats, and thank you for your generosity.
  • Cut off the tree’s branches and lay them over frozen perennial beds for a perfect lightweight, but insulating, winter mulch.
  • Put the tree through a shredder, needles and all, then spread the resulting mulch over your dormant beds. Just remember: This mix will tend to make the soil acidic, so you’ll need to add some lime come spring.

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