Have you ever noticed that there always seem to be outdoor chores that need to be done on chilly days when you’d much rather be curled up under a blanket in front of a fireplace? Or maybe it’s so sweltering outside that you don’t want to move from in front of an air conditioner, unless it’s to plunge into a refreshing pool? Well, I don’t know any way to change that—short of hiring someone to do all your yard and garden work. But I do know how a couple of common baby-care products can help make you more comfortable when the great outdoors doesn’t seem so great, after all. Here’s the deal:

* When the temperature plummets, and you have a job to do, but you can’t do it with gloves on, massage your hands with baby oil. It’ll close up the pores and help prevent damage from the frigid air.

* In steamy weather, before you head out to mow the lawn or dig in the garden, rub some baby powder on your hands. It’ll absorb excess perspiration and help prevent blisters.