Wax On, Wax Off

If there’s one thing I love besides gardening, it’s comin’ up with neat new ways to use ordinary stuff ’round the house. Last night, as I was riflin’ through my kitchen cupboard, a carton of wax paper practically jumped right out at me. That got me to thinkin’.

The next time your floors look a little dull, shine ’em up by placin’ a big ol’ piece of wax paper underneath a mop head when you clean.

To preserve colorful fall leaves, lay them out on a piece of wax paper, cover ’em with another piece of wax paper the same size, then iron the two sheets together.

For a jim-dandy seal on a jar, lay wax paper over the opening before you close it.

Got cheese? Then get some wax paper. Cheese is easier to cut if you fold wax paper over the knife before slicing it.

Put an end to dull mornings—rub your appliances with a piece of wax paper and watch ’em rise and shine!