“Can” You Believe It?

It was a bit chilly this weekend working in the yard, so I had a nice big bowl of chicken noodle soup for lunch on Sunday. And that got me to thinking, what are those soup cans good for? After rummaging through my files, I came up with the following uses: Reseed bare spots in your lawn by poking holes in the bottom of a soup can, filling it with grass seed, and shaking it over the soil.Set a few open cans around your garden before you start to water. Once you’ve gathered an inch of water in each can, you know you’ve watered enough.Make a terrific seedling protector by removing both ends of a can (save them for use in the next tip). Then push the can into the soil around your seedlings to protect ‘em from cutworms.Thwart rodents and keep critters out by nailing the can lids to a wooden floor to plug any knotholes.And for a quick-and-easy (and free) birdfeeder, fill a can with suet and wedge it between a couple of tree branches.