Keep Your Home Cozy This Winter

Don’t look now, but winter’s ice, snow, and frigid temps are on their way. So if you want to keep your heating expenses down, while keeping yourself comfy and cozy this winter, here’s a few home-warming, expense slimming ideas to keep Jack Frost out:

1.   Attach clear plastic sheeting to each of your windows with tape, and shrink it to fit each window with a hair dryer. Then add heavy curtains for more insulation. When spring rolls around, you can just peel off the plastic, and take down the window treatments.
2.   Turn down your heat and hot water thermostats by just a couple of degrees. You’ll save about 10 percent on your electric bills, while hardly noticing any difference.
3.   Insulate your hot water pipes to keep the water warmer. Then add more insulation to the attic to save on heat loss through the roof.

If you’ve made all of these changes and your home still feels drafty, find the source of the chill. Close all of the doors and windows in your house, and walk around each room with a lit candle. Wherever it flickers, you’ve got a draft. Once you locate the source, cut a sleeve from an old jacket, and stuff it with cotton padding. Stitch it closed on both ends and lay it against the area where the draft is coming through.

With just a few simple fixes, your house can be toasty warm and energy-efficient all winter long.

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