One of the biggest lessons I learned from Grandma Putt was to never waste anything. So of course, I thought of her the other day after noticing a bright green grass stain on my favorite pair of jeans. I started to search high and low for the stain stick, then I remembered one of Grandma’s favorite—and free—stain removing tricks!

The truth is, stains happen, no matter how careful we are. And there are lots of products made for getting out clothing stains, including those convenient—and pricey—stain sticks. But here’s Grandma Putt’s little secret—stains rubbed with plain old soap come out just as clean as clothing stains that get the stick treatment. So stop tossing out those leftover slivers of bar soap. Just moisten the piece of soap with a drop of water, and dab any stained clothes that are on their way to the laundry basket. You’ll save a fortune on those specialty treatments, and be rewarded with stain-free clothes that look good as new!

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  1. I love the blog and I love this tip. With the economy being in such a slump, every tip on saving money helps. And this tip even saves me from throwing out some clothes I thought were ruined. Thanks!

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