Surefire Snacks for a Bird-Pleasin’ Season

Feeding birds during the summer is a whole different ballgame than it is the rest of the year, especially if you’ve spiffed up your backyard with lots of bird-pleasin’ plants. With so much natural food available, like fruit, seeds, and insects, it may take some extra-special persuasion to entice birds to your feeders. Here are some goodies that’ll say “come ‘n’ get it!” to a varied flock of fine-feathered friends:

  • Peanuts and other chopped nuts will bring chickadees, nuthatches, woodpeckers, and jays to your feeders, no matter what else is available in your backyard.
  • Small no-melt suet treats are a sure hit, too. Hang ‘em a few at a time from the branches of shaded shrubs like rhododendrons.
  • Jelly, like fruit, is a sweet treat for many birds. Grape and apple are feathery favorites, but other flavors will keep ‘em coming, too.
  • All types of  birdseed are suitable summer treats, but sunflower seeds are the snack of choice for a wide range of bird species.
  • Orange halves, grapes, and other fresh fruit served at a fruit feeder will attract mockingbirds, catbirds, orioles, and tanagers.
  • A birdbath with clean water will be a cool hit with robins, sparrows, cardinals, and many other birds on a hot summer day!

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