It’s Arbor Day…Plant One for the Birds!

On a nice, sunny spring day, there’s nothing better than strolling around the yard, listening to the sound of birds singing their sweet songs. So, to celebrate Arbor Day this year, why not plant a tree or two with your backyard buddies in mind? Birds will sing your praises from the lofty branches that provide them shelter from bad weather, safety from predators, and fabulous feasts of insects, fruit, berries, and seeds.  Here’s a few varieties that’ll help keep your feathered friends snuggled safe and well fed:

Marvelous Maples.  Maple trees are among the quickest-growing and most beautiful trees you can plant in your yard.  Plus, birds love ‘em! Baltimore orioles, chickadees, nuthatches, and others will find plenty of caterpillars and other bugs among the leaves and flowers. Cardinals, grosbeaks, and purple finches eat the seeds, and nuthatches nest in the cavities.
Beautiful Birches.  Birches are truly a four-season bird tree.  By mid-spring, they’re already covered with bright new leaves where hungry migrating warblers can search for caterpillars.  During the summer, birch seeds are sure to draw flocks of goldfinches and other seed-eaters. Tanagers, vireos, and more warblers will stop off to eat insects during fall migration, and during winter, juncos will clean up any fallen birch seeds.
Ever-Lovin’ Greenery.  Winter, spring, summer, and fall, evergreen trees and shrubs do it all.  Whether it’s protecting birds from bad weather and hungry predators, providing great nesting sites, or offering up a super-duper supply of food, evergreens can’t be beat!

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