Drought Defense

We all know that prolonged dry spells seem to be hitting more of the country every year, and Summer 2012 is certainly driving that point home for lots of folks. So when a prolonged dry spell hits your neck of the woods, follow this plan of action (or in some cases, non-action) to help your lawn survive.

Spread the wealth. Give your lawn a bit of extra protection by applying another ½-inch layer of compost. (This should be in addition to the layer you applied in the spring.)

Hold the chow. Feeding your lawn during drought will only add to its stress level. And stressed-out grass is a sitting duck for pests, diseases, and weeds. So just sit tight.

Declare a truce. Speaking of pests, diseases, and weeds, if they do show up, just ignore them until cooler, wetter weather arrives. Believe it or not, engaging in battle now will only make things worse!

Keep watering. Continue your normal watering routine for as long as your City Fathers and Mothers allow. And be sure to perform this chore early in the morning, so as little H2O as possible is lost to evaporation. Whatever you do, don’t water in the evening because grass that stays wet after dark—especially on a hot night—is fair prey for foul fungi.

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