Unstick a Stuck Lid

Does it sometimes seem like every jar you try to open has a lid that’s all-but impossible to remove? Well, everyone here at Jerry Baker went through the same annoyance. Which is why we searched for sanity-saving solutions that would get lids off without any fuss. Here’s a few good ideas we came up with:

  • Put a piece of sandpaper, rough side down, over the lid and twist. It should come right off. And remember this: the larger the grit, the firmer your grip will be.
  • Wrap a couple of rubber bands around the side of the jar. That way, you’ll have something non-slip to grip, and the lid will come off a heck of a lot easier.
  • Put on a pair of rubber gloves, grip the lid with one hand and the bottom of the jar with the other, and twist.
  • Slip the end of a spoon under the lip of the lid and press down on the spoon handle. This releases the pressure and makes it easier (even for folks with arthritic hands) to get the lid off.

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