Shovel That Snow! Plus, 5 Ways to Use Cooking Spray

It’s true—as handy as cooking spray is when you’re cooking and baking, it’s also a high-powered super product that you can put to work in your home, yard, and even on your family! Here are a few ideas to get you going:

  1. Give your snow shovel a shot of cooking spray before you tackle the white stuff. The snow will slide right off the shovel and lighten your load.
  2. Before you fill a plastic food storage container with tomato sauce or any other tomato-based food, spray the inside with cooking oil. This’ll keep the sauce from staining the container.
  3. It’s easy to measure sticky things like honey or peanut butter if you coat the inside of the measuring cup with cooking spray first. It makes cleanup a breeze, too!
  4. Spray exterior door locks and car door locks liberally with cooking spray keep them from freezing and leaving you out in the cold when temps plunge.
  5. Make a snowy day tons of fun by coating the bottom of your sled or inner tubes before hitting the slopes!

So think outside the kitchen, and get cookin’!

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