Keepin’ Busy

With winter hanging around it can be hard to stay motivated. Sometimes the cold weather can do that to ya. But with Spring on the quick approach, try to stay busy! Why? Because as they say, “busy hands are happy hands”. Take it from one of our customers, Tom. He used some of our tricks to keep up with his daily hustle and bustle, despite the cold weather:

Dear Jerry,

Thank you so much for your help during the winter season. I’ve had a lot of things to get done, and your tips made life easy and interesting.

This weekend, my neighbor George needed to ship a beautiful porcelain vase to his sister. But, being the environmentalist that he is, ol’ George just hates to use Styrofoam packing peanuts. So instead, I remembered your packing hack and told him to pack up the vase with real peanuts—shells and all. Who knew that actual peanuts make terrific packing material? George’s sister loved the vase and the snack that came with it.

As I’m sure most of your other readers do, I always make plenty of time to feed the birds in my backyard. But instead of the usual suet block, this year I decided to use another one of your nutty tricks and gave my birds a treat by mixing together equal parts of chunky peanut butter and cornmeal until it became a thick dough. Then, I molded this into a block, stuffed it in my suet feeder, and every woodpecker in town was flying on over for a taste within minutes!

After all that hard work packing up the vase and feeding the birds, my hands were feeling pretty ragged. So I helped myself to a little of my wife’s homemade skin cream—courtesy of a Jerry Baker tip, of course. I can’t believe how sooth and soft my skin felt as soon as I put it on!

Thanks again for all of your handy homemade hacks! They work like magic!



Want to know how to make that homemade skin cream like Tom’s wife? Here’s the steps: Steep 1 cup of dried chamomile in 1 cup of milk for a few hours. Then add 4 tbsp. of honey and 6 tbsp. of wheat germ to the mix. Blend it well, store it in the ‘fridge, and massage it into your hands as often as necessary to keep ‘em soft as a baby’s bottom.

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