Take a Walk

It’s finally starting to be warm enough to get outside! So start fitting a daily walk into your schedule. Do you think your knees or hips are too stiff and sore to handle it? Think again—taking a nice, gentle stroll will send blood flowing to your aching muscles and help relieve that nagging pain.

One of the best ways to make walking easier on creaky joints is to simply do it more often. Here are 7 simple solutions to help your sneakers see a little more action:

Take the stairs. Take it easy at first and stick to jaunts of just one flight. Before you know it you’ll be walking right past the elevator and flying up three or four flights.

Go for an after-dinner stroll. Twenty quick minutes is all it takes, and it’s a great way to get outdoors and enjoy the day.

Commune with nature. Stroll through a nearby park or nature area a few days a week.

Make a date. Meet friends at a public garden and go for a stroll instead of meeting at a local café.

Try a lunch combo. Spend half of your lunch hour eating, and the other half walking. You’ll get 30 minutes of extra exercise in—and feel energized for the rest of the day.

Watching TV? March in place while you watch your favorite program.

Take a break. Anytime you feel drowsy, angry, bored, or stressed, go for a five-minute walk. You’ll work out emotional issues while you “work out” your joints.

Don’t forget to hydrate before, during, and after you exercise! And for more healthy tips and tricks, check out our bestselling book, Grow Younger, Live Longer! You can even try it out for FREE for a full 21 days with our Free Preview!