Soothe and Smooth Dry Winter Skin

Is dry skin driving you batty this season? Well then, you’re not alone. The problem is that as we get older, the outermost layer of our skin naturally loses some of its ability to hold water. While we can’t control the normal aging process, many other factors that contribute to dry winter skin—indoor heat, exposure to damp and icy outdoor elements, and prolonged hot baths—can be controlled. If you eliminate some of these factors, you’ll help your skin stay moisturized longer.

Here’s a few of our favorite down-home remedies that’ll make your skin go from dry to dewy:

  • After bathing, while your skin’s still damp, coat it with almond or sunflower oil. If you don’t like the smell of these oils, you can mix in a few drops of lavender essential oil before rubbing it in to your skin.
  • Make a mixture of equal parts honey and milk, then toss it into a blender and add some apricots, avocado, or coconut oil. Apply the resulting paste head to toe like a body lotion. It feels silky smooth going on, and you can keep the leftovers in the fridge to massage into your skin whenever you need it.
  • Make a big pot of oatmeal, let it cool a bit, and slather it on your lightly oiled skin from head to toe. When it’s dry, rinse it off in a warm shower.

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