Potted Plants on the Job

Container gardening is becoming more and more popular every year. And did you know that some plants actually perform better when planted that way? It’s true! Plus, here are five more great reasons to give plants in pots a shot:

The Right Soil. You can amend the potting mix to suit the needs of any potted plant—which is not always possible to do in your outdoor garden.
Protection. Plants in containers are safe from most of the soil-borne pests and diseases that thrive in open ground.
Boundaries. Some plants can take over an entire garden in a single season when planted in the ground. Pots or planter boxes will help to restrict their growth safely.
Weather. Containers enable you to grow plants that could never survive in your in-ground garden. When the weather turns too hot or too cold, all you need to do is whisk both plant and pot indoors.

Visual Appeal. No matter how well you tend to your garden, you will be faced with empty spots now and then. When your garden starts to look sparse, just liven up your scene with potted annuals or bulbs!

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