Heal an Aching Back

Few conditions can be more troublesome than persistent back pain. So if you’re feeling stiff and achy, try one or more of these five simple strategies that’ll get your back healthy in a hurry:

  • Apply a cold pack as soon as your back starts hurting. Cool the area for about 20 minutes, and repeat every few hours for at least a day after the pain begins.
  • Find a comfortable position (or more than one) that puts the least amount of strain on your sore muscles. This will help your back heal as quickly as possible.
  • Take aspirin or ibuprofen. They target your pain directly, and they also have anti-inflammatory effects, which reduce painful swelling. They often work just as well for back pain as prescription drugs do.
  • Get up and moving as soon as you can to increase circulation and bring healing nutrients to damaged muscles. Lying in bed can make your suffering muscles weaker and tighter.
  • Wear shoes with plenty of cushioning. Cross-training or walking shoes are just what the doctor ordered.
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