Easy DIY Gutter De-Gunk

Fall is here, the trees are changing, and before you know it, the leaves are going to start falling like crazy. And unfortunately, that means leaves piled on your lawn, all over your car, and especially stuck in your gutters—yuck! But don’t worry. We’ve got a no-fret, no-mess way to help you clean out your gutters fast—and all you need is an empty plastic bottle. Here’s our 5-step secret solution:

Start with an empty plastic bottle that’s no wider than your gutters (a fabric softener, detergent, or bleach bottle is perfect). Make sure it has a handle.
Rinse the bottle out, replace the cap, and lay it on its side with the handle facing up. Then, draw a diagonal line with permanent marker from one side of the lid to the base (see Figure 1 at right).
Use scissors or a sharp knife to cut along your guide line, and then continue cutting all the way around the bottle, matching the angle of the first side. And voila—you’ve made a handy-dandy homemade scoop! (See Figure 2 at right.)

Grab some garden gloves and an extension ladder, and dig into those gutters. Start by sliding your scoop along the gutter. Scrape up any and all leaves and debris. Just make sure you get down off the ladder and move it with you as you work, so you don’t lose your balance. And never, ever hang on to the gutter, or it could come loose!

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