Plant Bulbs Now for a Spring-Bloomin’ Bonanza!

To my way of thinking, bulbs are one of the greatest gifts a gardener could ask for. They’re literally wrapped-up packages of leaves and flowers, ready to burst into bloom. And now is the perfect time to get ‘em in the ground, so you’ll have a parade of color to enjoy next spring. But if your planting space is short — or if you’d simply like to get a whole season full of fabulous flowers using only the time and effort it takes to dig a single hole — this tip is for you:

STEP 1. Dig a foot-deep hole that’s as wide as you want it to be. Set in some large bulbs, like lilies or crown imperials, and cover with ¼ inch or so of soil.

STEP 2. Put in some slightly smaller, spring-flowering types, such as daffodils or tulips, and replace another ¼ inch or so of soil.

STEP 3. Add a layer of still smaller spring bloomers, like grape hyacinths, and cover them. Finish with a layer of tiny crocuses and (of course) more soil.

STEP 4. Come spring, scatter seeds of a low-growing annual over the area.

You’ll have an ever-changing show of blooms in one compact spot!