6 Wacky Ways to Control Ant Antics

Are you up to your elbows in ants? The enterprising little insects seem to be everywhere lately — from your pantry to your veggie beds — and they’re bugging the ever-lovin’ heck out of you. Here’s what to do: First, take a deep breath. Then, pick a deterrent from the list below:

A soapy solution. When anthills make a mess of your lawn, bid ‘em adieu! Mix 1/4 cup of liquid hand soap with 1 gallon of water in a bucket, and pour it over the mound. Repeat the procedure about an hour later to make sure the liquid penetrates to the queen’s inner chamber.

Chalk it up. If the little rascals are “farming” in your trees, shrubs, or other plants, sprinkle powdered chalk on the ground around the trunk or the whole planting bed. If it’s your shed they won’t stay out of, sprinkle the chalk around the door and window frames.

Call in the cukes. Ants aren’t fans of cucumbers. So keep ‘em from launching an invasion by laying peels in their pathways.

Offer some refresh-mint. When you’re tired of seeing the little guys traipsing through your house, keep them out by laying sprigs of fresh mint in front of your doors, windows, and any cracks or holes that the ants could sneak through.

Fortify the front line. Ants won’t cross a line of talcum powder. So use it at the entrance to your pantry, or wherever you don’t want the tiny troublemakers to travel.>

Bait ‘em with honey. When ants are driving you bananas, indoors or out — and you have pets or young children on the scene — send the puny pests packin’ with this formula. It’s so safe kids and pets won’t be harmed if they take a taste. Put 1/2 cup of honey, 3/8 cup of baker’s yeast, and 3/8 cup of sugar in a bowl, and mix thoroughly. Spread the mixture on bottle caps or pieces of plastic or cardboard, and set the traps in the ants’ pathways. The enterprising insects will rush to the sweet feast, and that’ll be all she wrote.