6 Stay-Safe Tips for Your Holiday Cookout!

If you’re among the millions of Americans packing up to enjoy a fun-filled three-day Memorial Day weekend, make sure you pack along some smart food safety tips along with your sunscreen. Because the last thing you want to do is spoil the fun by serving your family spoiled food. Food-borne bacteria thrive in warm environments, so follow these easy tips to safe picnicking:

Keep it clean. Wash your hands and any surfaces before handling and preparing food.

Don’t let ‘em mix. Keep raw foods (and their juices) away from cooked foods. So those tongs you used to place the steak on the grill? Wash ‘em before they get anywhere near your cooked T-bone. Same goes for the plate.

A cut above. Use separate cutting boards for slicing meats and chopping veggies. And wash the boards — and the knives — between each use.

Mind your mayonnaise. Divide your salad (especially mayo-based ones like potato salad) into smaller bowls rather than serving them in one large bowl. Replace empty bowls with full ones that you’ve kept refrigerated.

Fuller is cooler. Use a cooler to transport your food safely in the car. A partially filled cooler won’t stay as cold as a full one, so add ice as needed to fill the space.

H2O to go! If you’re not sure if your destination has clean running water, bring a gallon or two with you — along with sanitizing hand gel and antibacterial wipes. Use ‘em on your hands and any surfaces before you eat.

Have a wonderful — and safe — Memorial Day weekend!