Spring Cleaning Tips for Canning Bathroom Clutter!

Are you ready to tackle this year’s spring cleaning? Why not start in your bathroom? It’s a small area, so you’ll finish in a snap. Plus, it’s a room you spend a lot of time in, and seeing it spiffed up and organized will motivate you to take on a more daunting area, like (yikes!) the basement.

The first step is to sort your stuff. Figure out what to keep and what to toss. Next, analyze your available space, then organize the keepers in such a way that clutter-free living becomes a no-brainer. The final step is to store everything so that it’s out of the way when you’re not using them and easy to grab when you need them.

Make sure you don’t hang on to any toiletries that you haven’t used in several months, even if they’re still fresh. After all, if they’ve just sat around all that time, they can’t be very important to you. But don’t toss ‘em—give them new careers in other parts of your house or around the yard. Consider these nifty examples:

1.  Aerosol hair spray. It kills flying insects on contact—indoors or out. It’s also perfect for keeping wooden tool handles smooth and splinter-free. (Just spray a thin coat onto the wood, and let it dry.)
2.  Antiseptic mouthwash. Maybe you don’t care for the taste of the stuff, but cut flowers love it! To make their glorious show last longer, simply add ½ teaspoon of the tangy germ fighter to each quart of water in the vase.
3.  Hair conditioner. This stuff is one of the best lubricants you can find. It can keep drawers, windows, and sliding doors from sticking; make refrigerator racks glide smoothly; or silence squeaky hinges and screeching faucets.
4.  Perfumed bath powders and soaps. These are classic deer-chasing weapons. Just put the powder or soap into pouches made from old panty hose feet, and hang them from the branches of trees and shrubs that the deer are gunnin’ for.

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