Good Things from Bad Guys

For centuries, savvy folks have been tapping into the remarkable power of a healing tonic that’s known as Four Thieves Vinegar. You can find the recipe for it in my latest book, Top 25 Homemade Healers.
Folklore tells us that in Marseilles, France, four men repeatedly looted the homes of deceased victims of the plague (also known as Black Death). But, miraculously the men never got sick. According to one version of the story, after the thieves were arrested, they were forced to bury the dead, with the promise that if they survived, they would go free. Well, survive they did—apparently thanks to an herbal vinegar tincture concocted by one of the bad guys, who happened to be an herbalist. As the gang’s resistance to the disease became obvious, other folks began using the potion. Today, natural-health gurus still swear by the amazing healing power of Four Thieves Vinegar!

Last weekend I started this winter’s second batch of the tonic. Above is what it looks like right after mixing.

And here’s my first batch, after sitting for the recommended six to eight weeks to let all of the ingredients mix, mingle, and work their magic. Naturally, all of the solids are strained out.

How should you use this wonder “drug”? Here’s a quartet of wonderful ways:

  • You can sip it from a spoon or add it to salad dressing to cure colds, flu, and other illnesses.
  • Head off colds and flu by sipping it or adding it as a tincture to your bathwater.
  • Mix it with water, put it in a sprayer bottle, and spritz it into the air and onto surfaces to kill germs in your home.
  • Spray it onto your skin and clothes before heading outside to repel disease-spreading insects.