Eggscellent Ways to Use Eggshells

Eggshells have more uses than the Easter Bunny has whiskers. So when you and your kiddies are done with the Easter eggs this weekend, don’t throw the shells away. This list of what you can do with them is only the tip of the cottontail:

  • Soak them in water overnight, and then water your plants with the calcium rich “tea.”
  • Start seeds in eggshells. At transplant time, crack the shells and set the whole thing into the soil.
  • Give them to the birds as a source of essential grit. Crumble the shells, and either mix them with the seed in your feeder or serve them as a side dish.
  • Deer hate the smell of eggs, so keep Bambi out of the begonias by scattering eggshells.
  • Scatter crushed shells around plants to deter slugs, cutworms, and other crawling pests.
  • Clean the garbage disposal by running it full of eggshells.
  • For a smoother, mellower cup o’ Joe, grind clean eggshells, then add them to the coffee filter basket and run the cycle as usual.

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