Tea for Two—Birdy and You!

Make a springtime treat for your own backyard and invite the birds to tea with this attractive teacup birdfeeder.

You will need:
Old teacup and saucer
Glue (make sure it’s an adhesive that works on any surface)
2 to 4 foot wooden dowel

Paint the dowel with your choice of paint color, and then give it a good coat of polyurethane. Once the dowel is dry, glue it to the bottom of the saucer. Allow plenty of drying time, then glue the cup onto the top of the saucer. After the glue dries, push the end of the dowel into the ground and fill the teacup with birdseed. The birds will appreciate your efforts!

So what should you fill your “tea-riffic” feeder with? Store bought seed mixes are fine, but they’re usually pretty skimpy on meaty sunflower seeds, and they may be filled out with cheaper seeds that aren’t bird favorites. But my Serve ‘Em All Seed Mix will be eaten down to the last bite. Here’s how to mix up a handy supply so you can restock your mini-feeder whenever you want:

1.   Pour 9 cups of black oil sunflower seeds into a clean plastic pail.

2.   Pour in 3 cups of white proso millet, and mix the seeds with your hands until the millet is distributed throughout.

3.   Funnel the mix into a clean, dry, plastic milk jug. (After a time in storage, the millet tends to kink to the bottom of the container, so just shake up the jug before filling the feeder.)

4.   Cap the jug tightly. You can store it outside in a metal trash can with a lid, or on a shelf in a kitchen cupboard.

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