To Grandmother’s House We Go!

Thanksgiving weekend is traditionally one of the biggest travel times of the year. And even when you forego flying and decide to drive to your destination, the cost of getting there can really add up! Here’s how to keep the costs in line when driving over the river and through the woods:

·        Stick to the slow lane. Driving faster than 60 miles per hour makes your car much less efficient. In a nutshell, you’ll wind up paying a premium of about 25 cents extra for every gallon of gas.

·        Lose the load. The more weight there is in your car, the harder the engine will have to work. So pack light and leave any and all non-essentials at home.

·        Make your ride aerodynamic. Luggage racks, flags, trailers, and any other add-ons interrupt the smooth flow of air around your car, which makes it much less fuel efficient.

·        Cut the engine. Idling for 15 minutes or more quickly burns through gas—especially with the heat blasting. So bundle up and turn off the car while you’re waiting for everyone to finish up at the rest stop.

Above all else, practice patience behind the wheel. Travel safely and have a happy Thanksgiving!