This spring’s off-the-charts pollen count is bringing misery to allergy sufferers around the country—so it’s time to take a stand against pollen!

If allergy symptoms are keeping you from appreciating the beautiful weather, then check out these ideas for drying up the drips:

·        If a bowl of hot-and-sour soup or a dish of spicy chili doesn’t clear your stuffy nose, probably nothing will. Spicy food clears out blocked nasal passages, and the heat loosens mucus and runs it right out of your nose.

·        Horseradish perks up the senses and clears passages from the nose right up into the sinuses. This is a powerful potion that’s best taken raw: Just grate some horseradish into a glass of tomato juice; mix it up with your favorite salsa; or, if you’re very brave, eat it right off the stalk!

·        Use eucalyptus soap in your daily shower. The scent will permeate your nose with the hot steam and open clogged nasal passages.

·        Soak a washcloth in the hottest water you can stand, wring it out, and lay it across your nose and sinuses for a while. If you keep the cloth as hot as you can, it’ll loosen and liquefy mucus.

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