Happy April Fool’s Day! But it’s no foolin’ around here. In fact, now that spring has sprung, it’s the right time to get your lawn off on the right foot—er, root.

And there’s no better way to do it than to apply my Spring Wake-Up Mix as early as possible. Here’s how:

Mix 50 pounds of pelletized gypsum, 50 pounds of pelletized lime, 5 pounds of bonemeal, and 2 pounds of Epsom salts in a wheelbarrow. Apply the mixture to your lawn with a broadcast spreader no more than two weeks before your first fertilizing. This will help aerate the lawn, while giving it something to munch on until you start your regular feeding program.

Spring is also a super time to aerate your lawn. For best results, aerate the morning after you water the grass, or else after a heavy rain—the soil will be easier to penetrate then. After you’ve poked holes in the soil, put some sifted peat moss, dried manure, or compost in a broadcast spreader, and apply a layer about ¼ inch thick to the whole area. Your lawn will love it—it’s the lawn food equivalent to a hot fudge sundae!

There’s no need to kill yourself aerating your lawn. Just strap on a pair of my Aerating Lawn Sandals over your shoes and take a leisurely stroll across your grass. Check out the how-to DIY video to see how easy it is! Each sandal has 13 spikes that penetrate thatch and compacted soil so your lawn can breathe better and grow greener. One size fits all.